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  1. Note that fudget composition must be read from right to left, as a simple function composition.
  2. The group with respect to function composition, called the "'isometry group " '.
  3. It combines two approaches : functional programming and algebraic block diagrams, which are constructed via function composition.
  4. Usually its multiplication is taken to be function composition, while its addition is pointwise addition of the images.
  5. This led over time to an  abuse of notation whereby superscripts indicate iterative function composition, including derivatives.
  6. The axioms of a category are in fact inspired from the properties ( and also the definition ) of function composition.
  7. A "'concatenative programming language "'is a function composition as the default way to build subroutines.
  8. Another important operation defined on functions is function composition, where the output from one function becomes the input to another function.
  9. In software engineering, a "'pipeline "'consists of a chain of processing elements ( function composition.
  10. In this context function composition is complicated to express, because the chain rule is not simply applied to second and higher derivatives.
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