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  1. In Russian the lateral parts of the frons are termed'orbits '.
  2. Pupa is bone colored with a black dorsal stripe on frons and on thorax.
  3. Frons and pronotal disc occasionally may have maculae.
  4. The frons in both sexes is broad.
  5. As a result of to the cancellations, Frons was the subject of widespread criticism.
  6. Brian Frons succeeded her in overseeing operations.
  7. The frons is that part of the head capsule that lies anteriad of the vertex.
  8. The scales of the head are directed forward over the vertex and down the frons.
  9. The eyes of the female are separated by a broad frons and consist of separated facets.
  10. Its upperparts are dark grey with white frons, and its tail black with white tips.
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