frivolously in a sentence

frivolously meaning in Hindi


  1. Trelane accepts, but then delopes, frivolously granting Kirk a free shot.
  2. A newly rejuvenated Victor dances frivolously at the club.
  3. Our inclination is to maybe see him frivolously,
  4. Even events such as the Holocaust are treated as material for frivolously absurd humor.
  5. *Comment, complaint frivolously posted by removed.
  6. Most frivolously, Novell Inc . demonstrated its technology for wiring up households and appliances.
  7. But the agents who spoke to Hersh did not appear to be doing so frivolously.
  8. They are not going to buy frivolously.
  9. The user wants to frivolously avoid a 3RR violation while clearly breaking a 3RR spirit.
  10. When she playfully metamorphoses into Koenig, Mentor scolds her for frivolously misusing her abilities.
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