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  1. Scholars have suggested several potential connections between frit and alkali earths and tin.
  2. FRIT manager Santhad Rojanasoonthorn ( santhrmozart . inet . co . th ) said.
  3. Japanese potters substitute a non-lead frit.
  4. This is made from a hard white frit paste coated with transparent alkaline glaze.
  5. Then the refined mixture was taken, heated and shaped into blocks called frit.
  6. Highly active coatings typically contain a enamel frit.
  7. The glass was added as frit and that the interstitial glass formed on firing.
  8. The auxiliary electrode may be isolated from the working electrode using a glass frit.
  9. The site could also include the Bagous frit weevil and the black bog ant.
  10. The memorandum was a " critical milestone, " according to a FRIT executive.
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