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  1. Frise ailerons are designed so that when up aileron is applied, some of the forward edge of the aileron will protrude downward into the airflow, causing increased drag on this ( down-going ) wing.
  2. Both the Canadian Fleet Model 2 biplane of 1930, and the later, popular American Piper J-3 Cub monoplane light aircraft of 1938 possessed Frise ailerons as designed, and helped introduce them to a wide audience.
  3. In this case the opposing yaw moment is generated by a difference in profile drag between the left and right wingtips . " Frise ailerons " accentuate this profile drag imbalance by protruding beneath the wing of an upward-deflected aileron, most often by being hinged slightly behind the leading edge and near the bottom of the surface, with the lower section of the aileron surface's leading edge protruding slightly below the wing's undersurface when the aileron is deflected upwards, substantially increasing profile drag on that side.
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