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  1. Above the balcony level is an amazingly well preserved shell of Louis XVI frippery.
  2. Let's not agonise over these fripperies.
  3. Long would not fall for such frippery.
  4. But the frippery of the Claskys'bourgeois life is too strong for Cristina to resist.
  5. But the specter of tax dollars funding this kind of public-relations frippery provoked appropriate outrage.
  6. At the pivot point of the new century, ornamentation and frippery are the style du jour.
  7. Today's wedding cakes echo the clean lines and lack of frippery of the popular designer.
  8. Fripperies that seemed obscene during the early'90s recession are quite modest by the standards of 1999.
  9. And Ferguson herself likewise avoids the showboating vocal frippery by which some contestants aim to brandish their technique ."
  10. Despite her minks and social fripperies, Marie Harriman had an earthy sense of humor and blue-collar bluntness.
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