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  1. Mat enters a " ter'angreal " similar to the one he entered in Tear, seeking answers to the questions he asked of the Snakelike'Aelfinn'of his previous visit; but encounters the Foxlike'Eelfinn', who bargain for gifts instead of answering questions ( he later speculates that the two factions are namesake for the children's game of'Snakes and Foxes', which cannot be won ), and acquires fluency in the Old Tongue and the memories of his own ancestors.
  2. The two tenors, Chris Potter and Walt Weiskopf, can sound similarly light-toned, but Potter is distinguished by quick, foxlike rhythmic manipulations, and Weiskopf roots around in harmonies with a hedgehog's undivided determination . ( Potter alters the formula on a couple of pieces, also playing soprano saxophone and bass clarinet . ) Drummond is a fairly quiet drummer, and he never settles on one rhythmic pattern for long, always suggesting fresh ideas for his musicians and keeping a loose, open feel to the recording.
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