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  1. A fatal tropical disease has infected large numbers of foxhounds in the United States.
  2. The Soviets'main interceptor was initially the MiG-31 " Foxhound ".
  3. A keen foxhunter, Hill was master of the North Shropshire Foxhounds until 1823.
  4. The mystery is at last unlocked by Pompey, a beagle-foxhound consumption.
  5. Vehicles fitted with the BV include Challenger 2 tanks, Foxhound armoured fighting vehicles.
  6. From 1858 to 1870, he hunted the Hambledon Foxhounds six days a week.
  7. It is not cruel, since foxhounds kill with a single bite at the neck.
  8. Finally, the Duke's Foxhound helps d'Artagnan to find the way.
  9. Buckmaster lived at Moreton Manor, Moreton Morrell and was Master of the Warwickshire Foxhounds.
  10. A keen fox hunter, he served as the secretary of the West Norfolk Foxhounds.
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