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forward direction meaning in Hindi


  1. Around 30 times more light passed through in the forward direction than in reverse.
  2. In the forward direction, radio signals are transmitted by base stations ( BTS's ).
  3. This allows phosphoneolpyruvate's reaction to proceed in the forward direction, due to Le Chatelier's principle.
  4. A procedure " call " executes the statements of a procedure in a forward direction.
  5. The SHG signal is propagated in the forward direction.
  6. Optical transition radiation is emitted both in the forward direction and reflected by the interface surface.
  7. In seismic processing, in most applications, we do not go in the forward direction as above.
  8. The greater the particle size, the more of the light is scattered in the forward direction.
  9. Meanwhile, the second replicon is moving in forward direction also, to meet with the third replicon.
  10. The triangle in the symbols points to the forward direction, ie in the direction of current flow.
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