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  1. In 1979 the 210N model eliminated the folding doors which previously covered the two retracted main wheels.
  2. Folding doors separated the large drawing and dining rooms, which each measured 18 feet by 16 feet.
  3. Also, it was a first Soviet-made tram with wide four-segment folding doors and bigger passenger storage spaces.
  4. The sitting and sleeping area had a folding door entrance of green painted wood under glass upper panels.
  5. The gable ends are also glazed with vertical lights, with folding doors to Binfield Road to the west.
  6. These paneled, folding doors have a wide rail at the bottom; this is the rail that is decayed.
  7. A "'folding door "'is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections or so-called panels.
  8. When the folding doors are closed, diners can achieve the kind of privacy normally found in an isolation tank.
  9. Folding doors can be used as internal or external room dividers and are made from a variety of materials.
  10. The upper rooms on the northern side are connected by folding doors, while the original kitchen is located downstairs.
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