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  1. Essentially, their equipment is a wooden box that houses a very old Kodak folding camera and a makeshift portable darkroom on stilts.
  2. The format was introduced by Kodak in 1912, along with the  Vest Pocket Kodak folding camera, as a compact alternative to larger portable cameras using 120 film.
  3. In 1948, Olympus launched the "'Chrome Six I "', an updated version of the Olympus Six of 1940 and its first postwar release of a folding camera for 120 film.
  4. All of the Kodak Retina cameras from the mid 1930s to the late 1950s were folding cameras with a short self-erecting bellows, lens board, and folding metal door / cover.
  5. Lederhandler and his late brother, Harry Leder, who was the chief photographer for United Press International for more than three decades, grew up in Brooklyn in the Depression and fell in love with old folding cameras
  6. Graflex Speed Graphic folding cameras, produced from 1912 to 1973 also employed a focal plane shutter, but omitted the SLR swinging mirror and through-the lens viewing, replacing it by an external viewfinder, while retaining a view camera's traditional New York Daily News.
  7. The use of folding cameras declined in the late 1930s with advances in lens technology allowing superior enlargement, high quality images on smaller negatives, and shorter distances between the lens and the film . 35mm film made small-sized cameras practical without using bellows.
  8. The earliest Mamiya Six medium-format folding camera, the 35 mm Mamiya-Sekor 1000DTL, the lightweight 35 mm Mamiya NC1000, the 6? cm medium-format C series of interchangeable-lens twin-lens reflex ( TLR ) cameras, and the press cameras of the Super / Universal series are highly valued.
  9. From 1919, and coincidental with his friendship with " Madame d'Ora " ( Dora Kallmus, of Vienna who was later to move to Paris ) he began to work with a 9?2 folding camera and in 1924 became one of the first professional photographers to use a Leica.
  10. Bart Hall, who had an early interest in photography while growing up in Chicago, documented some of the early progress of Hall City with a Kodak " Picture Postcard " folding camera, so-called because the negative produced was roughly the same size as a postcard ( approximately 4x6 " ).
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