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  1. :: In the case of ( 1 ), Plate tectonics, we knew that some parts of the earth were moving relative to others because we could see earthquakes and folded mountain ridges.
  2. Stretching inland from the Aegean coastal plain, the Central Anatolia Region occupies the area between the two zones of the folded mountains, extending east to the point where the two ranges converge.
  3. A system of folded mountains, including the Pyrenees dividing Spain from France, the Alps dividing Italy from Central Europe, the Dinaric Alps along the eastern Adriatic, and the Balkan and Western and Central Europe.
  4. A central massif composed of uplifted blocks and downfolded troughs, covered by recent deposits and giving the appearance of a plateau with rough terrain, is wedged between two folded mountain ranges that converge in the east.
  5. The principal conclusion of the  Prehistory of the Eastern Cape study is that there appears to be evidence for a stable human population in the Eastern Cape, or at least in the eastern zone of the Cape Folded Mountain Belt, from at least 15, 000 years ago.
  6. For example, peridotites with well-formed olivine crystals occur mainly as layers in gabbroic complexes . " Alpine " peridotites generally have irregular crystals that occur as more or less serpentinized lenses bounded by faults in belts of folded mountains such as the Alpines, the Pacific coast ranges, and in the Appalachian piedmont.
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