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  1. Available Spring Edition in Maui Blue ( metallic ), with alloy wheels, power windows, power moonroof, upgraded stereo with auxiliary input, keyless remote access, power door locks, foglamps and interior silver accents.
  2. Even the plainest models come with features that are optional or unavailable elsewhere, like foglamps, backup lights that illuminate the side of the car, a monitor of the engine oil's cleanliness and interior lights that slowly fade out.
  3. A few more specialized font converters followed : FONmaker, for converting vector fonts into bitmaps; FontFlasher, for converting vector fonts into pixelated fonts for low-res display; and FogLamp, for converting native Fontographer files into modern formats.
  4. Externally, the Turbo i . e . model sported black plastic sill trims and arch extensions ( similar to that of the 70SX model ), plus a revised front bumper with foglamps and inlets / scoops to direct air to the oil cooler and intercooler.
  5. The LS, LTZ, & Royale all share the front bumper as the Holden WM Statesman while the LS lacks the Statesman's trademark foglights which are seen on the LTZ & Royale while the SS gains the Caprice's front bumper & foglamps minus the parking sensors.
  6. In the UK, a sports-based Granada was introduced as the Granada 2.8 Injection which had white alloy wheels with Michelin TRX tyres, uprated suspension, a Recaro sport interior, front valance and bootlid spoilers, colour coded bumpers, front foglamps, and blackened trim.
  7. :So in the case of your RAV4's, it could be any of a bunch of option pack differences that caused the bumper design switch . . . I suspect that it goes along with the foglamps-but that's just a guess . talk ) 13 : 04, 8 July 2009 ( UTC)
  8. Models from mid-1999 saw further improvements and exterior modifications, including clear lenses on the headlamps, round and clear lensed foglamps, complete colour-coding of the exterior trim, removal of the black plastic strip on the lower edge of the tailgate, flush glass seal to rear windscreen, a redesigned tailgate rear badge, different rear wiper and new paint colours.
  9. The test car was more typically equipped, with a $ 1, 000 cold-weather package ( heated front seats, folding rear seats and headlamp washers ); $ 3, 500 premium package ( cruise control, moonroof, power seats, climate control, trip computer and wood trim ); $ 1, 450 leather seats; $ 260 foglamps; and $ 200 CD player.
  10. The Sport Rider arrived in 1998 with the " 5L " engine for Prerunner ( 2WD ) and " 5L-E " for 4WD, later " 1KZ-TE " for 4WD only arrived in 2001 and foglamp built in front bumper, and 2002 new engines arrived the " 1KD-FTV " and " 2KD-FTV " with a new front bumper, new projector-style headlights, and new rear lamps.
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