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foghorn meaning in Hindi


  1. Marmduke will impatiently " foghorn'Bilgewater on balky diesels!
  2. Junior ties the harness around Foghorn and puts the rooster into orbit.
  3. Foghorn tells Henery that a better choice would be pheasant under glass.
  4. "' Foghorns are a navigation aid for mariners.
  5. Foghorn Stringband also performs with Dirk Powell as the Dirk Powell Band.
  6. The lighthouse had a foghorn that was used from 1877 until 1987.
  7. In between assisting Henery, Foghorn pulls various pranks on the Dawg.
  8. In 1876 Pladda was about the third station to have a foghorn.
  9. The lighthouse's foghorn blasts every 60 seconds in foggy conditions.
  10. "They've got foghorns,"
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