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  1. The rewrite makes things a lot foggier : there isn't even a link to their website, let alone the names of the five people in this organization.
  2. "Ma " is Georgia Roberts, a tough-minded high school principal as grounded in the solid side of life as her husband is in its foggier side.
  3. Elsewhere, Dickens's London has rarely looked foggier or more misty-- " 32 scenes from which we had to make a reality, " said designer John Gunter.
  4. This " Elektra " poses the same dilemma as Barenboim's " Tristan " : Do you want an orchestrally brilliant account in modern sound, or foggier older versions with magnificent casts?
  5. Tom Mickle, assistant commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, said the decision for the Orange Bowl came down to Miami's better weather compared with the Gator Bowl's cooler, foggier climate in Jacksonville.
  6. The newer, foggier around, meaning no more than " somehow related to, " may well stay with us, given its obfuscatory usefulness : Perhaps Feinberg's best example is " This is where we'll start to get some clarity around this ."
  7. Although from the island capital, the airport was located here to avoid disturbing the Garajonay National Park and avoid the cloudier and foggier climate to the North of the island, whilst the volcanic terrain gives few suitable sites anywhere on La Gomera, although even this site required extensive embankments at both ends of the runway.
  8. At some high-elevation mountains, according to Wildcat spokesman John Sherman, ski conditions during the thaw were ruined not only by the abnormal warmth throughout the region but also by a condition known as " inversion, " in which the warmer air rises above the cooler, so that the higher on the mountain one goes the warmer and foggier the conditions become.
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