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  1. The peacetime years between 1919 and 1941 resulted in many of these flush deck destroyers being laid up.
  2. Both ships were flush deck with only a jury rig, and could only operate as coastal service vessels.
  3. The original version had a flush deck with a small footwell for a cockpit with no coamings or seatbacks.
  4. A rebuild in 1922 saw the ship's well deck built over, creating a flush deck profile.
  5. This was initially launched as a raised saloon but later and flush deck and semi raised saloon were introduced.
  6. It was based on the " Riga " hull with the flush deck replaced by a long forecastle.
  7. The previous classes were flush deck designs; while providing good hull strength, this proved to be wet in high seas.
  8. Their flush deck resulted in both weight savings and increased strength by allowing the hull's longitudinal members to be continuous.
  9. On the flush deck above she additionally carried six 12-pounder carronades ( two forwards and four on the quarterdeck ).
  10. The deckhouse version was available with the centerboard or deep keel options whereas the flush deck was available with a deep keel.
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