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  1. Being flippantly dismissive of the director of " The Joy Luck Club " isn't much fun.
  2. Skipping flippantly through his repertory of famous movie characters, complete with snatches of dialogue ( " Good day!
  3. Berg's early Three Pieces ( Op . 6 ), did a similar trick, if less flippantly.
  4. At one point, O'Meara flippantly suggested that all the money raised that week be donated to charity.
  5. A British broadcasting authority on Wednesday reprimanded a radio announcer for flippantly questioning whether former President Reagan had a brain.
  6. Villeneuve scoffed at the idea of a drive-off and Richard later said he had made the comment flippantly.
  7. When Alfie flippantly suggests that Lily might be cheating on Harry, Harry confronts Alfie about his attitudes and behaviour.
  8. All members of the Mediation Committee are experienced mediators, and requests of this nature should never be made flippantly.
  9. WLU treats sources as flippantly, often fighting for bad positions based on resources he hasn't even read.
  10. Those asking why it has dropped may be told, flippantly, " Look at the obituary section ."
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