flippantly in a sentence

flippantly meaning in Hindi


  1. Frustrated with Ben, Allyson flippantly tells her mother about the sexual encounter.
  2. When confronted on his talkpage, Shii responded flippantly.
  3. Her response was to flippantly say ""
  4. They've been flippantly passing this info on without checking the source ."
  5. Some events are so dark, so evil, that they cannot be flippantly explained.
  6. Max flippantly says he " ll be ok as the ring is his lucky charm.
  7. I made one comment I intended flippantly.
  8. Drmies makes these errors and casts these accusations flippantly and then says they are confident?
  9. How many times has NBC weatherman Willard Scott flippantly predicted " mild precipitation "?
  10. Belsky remembers asking, somewhat flippantly.
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