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  1. Majority Leader Bob Dole sharply attacked several Democrat opponents Wednesday for what he called a " stunning flipflop " on a measure similar to one they supported a year ago.
  2. For subroutines, the type of addressing is dependent on the high three bits of T and on the Mark Stack FlipFlop ( MSFF ), as shown in B5x00 Relative Addressing.
  3. This is a game that the Browns can flipflop quarterbacks in, but they'd better settle on one soon, because there aren't any more Houstons on the schedule.
  4. Palpitations are the common name for sensations of an irregular heartbeat : The heart may steem to stop and then start again, to pound or " flipflop, " or to flutter rapidly.
  5. :: You know, this " warp map " concept is pretty cool, you can create use the concept to " beam " portions of images to other places ( I . E . copy or position flipflop ).
  6. "I wanted to help them understand American culture a little bit and flipflop views, so they can understand us a little better and we can understand them more, " said Smith, 36, a Kentucky native.
  7. It's a near-complete flipflop from the first suggestion, but since I don't officially have an opinion I get to do stuff like that : ) Flakeloaf 07 : 51, 28 January 2007 ( UTC)
  8. The reversal of the ban represents an embarrassing flipflop for the government of Prime Minister Jean Chretien, which last year pushed a bill through the national Parliament decreeing MMT a pollutant and health hazard, and prohibiting the importation and sale of the octane-boosting substance.
  9. IMHO RFA is just simply slightly backlogged :-P-- talk ) 07 : 30, 31 January 2008 ( UTC ) " that's one approach, I reserve the right to flipflop to the other approach as required . :-)"
  10. The game is called " Bashy Bug " ( stylized as " BASHyBUG ", " y " letter is a pink flipflop shoe ) and it revolves around a flipflop shoe stomping on a bug in a skill game-like timed area with multiple levels ( 1 through 5 ).
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