finite verb in a sentence

finite verb meaning in Hindi


  1. Of course, only certain finite verbs are capable of taking a following infinitive.
  2. A subject noun phrase and a finite verb.
  3. Finite verbs in English usually appear as the leftmost verb in a verb catena.
  4. In German declarative main clauses the finite verb is always placed as the second element.
  5. It might seem that every grammatically complete sentence or clause must contain a finite verb.
  6. In German embedded clauses, a finite verb form follows any non-finite forms.
  7. Singular and plural forms of some finite verb stems are shown in the following table.
  8. The qal is any form of the finite verb paradigm which is not so modified.
  9. The nexus field contains slots for the finite verb and its arguments and adverbial modifiers.
  10. However, gapping can also occur when no finite verb is involved, e . g.
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