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  1. Most versions of Windows 95 use the common File Allocation Table 16 ( FAT16 ) allocation of bytes per cluster.
  2. If you boot an infected computer on March 6, Michelangelo erases a sizable chunk of the hard drive, including the file allocation table.
  3. Basically, DOS uses a system called a File Allocation Table ( FAT ) to keep track of where all the files are stored.
  4. File sizes are no larger than 4 GB due to the SDHC file allocation table limits, but the video will be seamless between files.
  5. FAT is computerese for " file allocation table " and describes the way computers and hard disks keep track of and store programs and data.
  6. There's also the familiar Disk Doctor, which repairs damaged File Allocation Tables and the like, and System Doctor, which reports on hardware problems it perceives.
  7. In a nutshell, your hard disk stores and tracks the files on it using something called a file allocation table ( known as FAT ).
  8. That's because one of the crosslinked items was a File Allocation Table, part of the MS-DOS system that serves as a map for a hard drive.
  9. He is credited with designing and implementing the 8-bit File Allocation Table file system for the NCR 8200 data-entry terminal and Microsoft's Standalone Disk BASIC-80 in 1977.
  10. Windows 95 and later operating systems therefore support a compatibility mode whereby both a long filename and a short filename are stored in the File Allocation Table.
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