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  1. In the fourth chapter, " A View From Within ", Wilber describes what he calls two fundamental aspects of existence : the " Left-hand path " ( interiority ) and the " Right-hand path " ( exteriority ).
  2. Thus all " real distinctions " ( mind and body, God and matter, interiority and exteriority, etc . ) are collapsed or flattened into an even consistency or plane, namely immanence itself, that is, immanence without opposition.
  3. Two modes of manifestation of phenomena exist, according to Henry, which are two ways of appearing : " exteriority ", which is the mode of manifestation of the visible world, and phenomenological " interiority ", which is the mode of manifestation of invisible life.
  4. His writings were filled with strikingly phrased insights and with key terms and concepts _ reflections, for example, on the " face of the Other, " or on " exteriority " or " moral proximity " _ that reverberated in other philosophers'writings.
  5. Butler proposes the practice of drag as a way to destabilize the exteriority / interiority binary, finally to poke fun at the notion that there is an " original " gender, and to demonstrate playfully to the audience, through an exaggeration, that all gender is in fact scripted, rehearsed, and performed.
  6. The " invisible ", here, does not correspond to that which is too small to be seen with the naked eye, or to radiation to which the eye is not sensitive, but rather to life, which is forever invisible because it is radically immanent and never appears in the exteriority of the world.
  7. From that perspective, L�vinas described the nature of the Other as " insomnia and wakefulness "; an ecstasy ( an exteriority ) towards the Other that forever remains beyond any attempt at fully capturing the Other, whose Otherness is infinite; even in the murder of an Other, his or her Otherness remains uncontrolled and not negated.
  8. The line of flight marks : the reality of a finite number of dimensions that the multiplicity effectively fills; the impossibility of a supplementary dimension, unless the multiplicity is transformed by the line of flight; the possibility and necessity of flattening all of the multiplicities on a single plane of consistency or exteriority, regardless of their number of dimensions.
  9. The queer figure of inside / outside evokes  the structures of alienation, splitting, and identification which together produce a self and an other, subject and an object, an unconscious and a conscious, an interiority and an exteriority . . . but the figure inside / outside, which encapsulates the structure of language, repression, and subjectivity, also designates the structure of exclusion, oppression, and repudiation .  Queer theorist, Jos?Esteban Mu�oz writes about " In My Mother's Place " in his book, Disidentifications : Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics.
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