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  1. As it gets closer to the sun, the increased gravity and heat will make it evanesce, but that may not make it any easier to see.
  2. Pictures fade in to view, and a poem evanesces into form, a lovely tone poem to a magical couple of days in the tiny town of Evora, Portugal.
  3. I would have set her aflame then and watched her take her final journey down the sinuous length of Lake Austin, fading, fading away into the swirling mists until she evanesced into but a memory fond.
  4. As its brightness grows in the sun's heat and its gases and ice crystals evanesce, there is a chance that Comet Hyakutake will be visible from Earth by not only by telescope and binoculars but even the naked eye.
  5. Tuesday's all-night writing sessions ( fueled these days by candy bars but in former years, as interviews with previous performers make clear, by stimulants neither so benign nor legal ) evanesce into Wednesday afternoon's read-throughs.
  6. After experimenting with band names, such as Childish Intentions and Stricken, they decided on Evanescence, which means " disappearance " or " fading away " ( from the word " evanesce ", which means " to disappear " ).
  7. But while advocates of changing the estate tax used the image of an evanescing family farm to make their case, Department of Agriculture statistics show that the average farm estate is valued at $ 461, 000, well below the threshold for estate taxes.
  8. But a spokesman in the office of Castaneda's Los Angeles literary agent, Tracy Kramer, said it is Kramer's opinion and the opinion of others who worked closely with Castaneda that the author evanesced _ disappeared like mist from this world in much the same way Castaneda believed his teacher Don Juan and his group did in 1973.
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