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  1. Entrepot takes the designs from engineers and architects and convert them into plans needed for construction projects.
  2. When Hong Kong becomes part of China, we no longer will be acting as just an entrepot,
  3. The region has freeway and rail access to Los Angeles and Long Beach, a foreign trade entrepot.
  4. The 10 were caught at a mango orchard that serves as a produce exchange entrepot in Ratchaburi province.
  5. The former British colony Hong Kong was once a thriving entrepot for British companies doing business in China.
  6. Thanks to its natural harbour, it became an entrepot for goods from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
  7. This is a prominent and historic hotel in this key entrepot and strategic junction of the British Empire.
  8. But an exemption from the ban would open up the island as an entrepot to China, residents say.
  9. The original harbour town was an entrepot on the maritime silk route from at least the 2nd Century CE.
  10. The school first opened as "'Entrepot Junior Secondary School "'on 10 January 1972.
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