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  1. Entailment also differs from presupposition in that in presupposition, the truth of what one is presupposing is taken for granted.
  2. The proposed constitution forbade the English practices of primogeniture and entailment, following a change made to Spanish law in 1821.
  3. This drawback can be overcome by checking for entailment facts that are to be added to the current set of consequences.
  4. I checked the entailment article, and asked on the talk page there, but I haven't gotten any responses.
  5. *Due to various entailments, Louise-Jeanne could not pass on the title, which became extinct at her death.
  6. The solution to this is to accept the above statement not as the equivalent of physicalism, but as an entailment of it.
  7. Since facts are stored as clauses, possibly with " local variables ", entailment is restricted over the variables of their heads.
  8. Entailment as external implication between two terms expresses a metatruth outside the language of the logic, and is considered part of the metalanguage.
  9. Furthermore, inconsistency-robust proof by contradiction holds for entailment ( A?! ( B'" �B ) ) ?" �B.
  10. Ren?had made an entailment that gave the succession to the female line of his nephew, in case the male line would become extinct.
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