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  1. The hospital has 269 beds in single ensuite bedrooms.
  2. He converted what had been Mrs Groom's ensuite into a workshop.
  3. An ensuite has been built on the west verandah.
  4. Il s'installe ensuite ?Paris pour publier par livraisons diff�rents r�cits.
  5. The rooms were the standard ensuite units but its guest lounge was something else.
  6. Imbila Lodge offers a higher standard of luxury with ensuite bathrooms and teak furniture.
  7. Renovated, ensuite railway carriages provide unusual accommodation.
  8. It has 60 full-time boarding places in single, ensuite study bedrooms.
  9. Each of the above halls are ensuite, and Southwell and Newark are catered.
  10. The northern wing houses two bedrooms, one of which contains an ensuite bathroom.
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