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  1. The shutdown also shows how cyberspace's gray areas can enshroud museums as they embrace the evolving medium.
  2. Taken together, the stories are a powerhouse, mining the complexities and vagaries that inevitably enshroud us all.
  3. Ades enshrouds her words with choralelike harmonic underpinnings, which move to the irregular verbal rhythms of the text.
  4. Others enshroud themselves in black coats and hats to disappear into the crowds of Jerusalem's Orthodox Jews.
  5. A dense layer of gas and dusts enshrouds the central star, blocking its direct light from our view.
  6. Adding to the ghostly effect, heavy fogs often enshroud the ruins of the town and the wasteland surrounding it.
  7. We must take the Light to the Dark Continent before the apostles of Mohammedanism enshroud it in yet greater darkness ".
  8. Landmarks include a granite cliff that weeps blood and a half-mile fissure that spews yellow vapor to enshroud the domain.
  9. Hundreds of thousands cheered as his motorcade rode through city streets, and even the smog that normally enshrouds the city seemed to clear.
  10. But I don't want to enshroud " The Indian in the Cupboard " in a pall of wholesomeness or moral blackmail.
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