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  1. Fenwick writes that the est training draws influences from Synanon, Gestalt therapy, encounter groups, and Scientology.
  2. But the Patriots are not some encounter group, and their Sunday gatherings are not therapy sessions.
  3. Murphy recruited Will Schutz, the well-known encounter group leader, to take up permanent residence at Esalen.
  4. Encounter groups are also controversial because of scientific claims that they can cause serious and lasting psychological damage.
  5. "It's like an Appalachian encounter group.
  6. It will be an encounter group,
  7. The good thing is, you don't go in with the trepidation you might feel in an encounter group.
  8. Will Schutz came to Esalen in the 1960s and worked on aspects of his " encounter group " process.
  9. The training program, which has been in Houston every summer since 1994, is part boot camp, part encounter group.
  10. Yet the entire production has the teeth-grinding earnestness of an amateur theatrical put on by a neighborhood encounter group.
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