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  1. She studied in London for several years and took courses in enamelling, jewellery designing, life work, and etching at the St John's Wood Art School and the North Terrace.
  2. He conferred the Royal Warrant of Appointment on Spode II . Apart from the fine quality of the wares, the enamelling and gilding by Daniel must have played a huge part in such approbation.
  3. After marrying Charles Herbert Eastlake, an English painter, and director of the Chelsea Polytechnic, she devoted time to learn enamelling and metal work for the production of jewellery as an applied art.
  4. In commerce, he helped industrialize the enamelling process for porcelain and metals commercially, started the Export program for the rice industry in Thailand, and helped to create the first seaport in Thailand.
  5. Thomas Lyte is named after the Lyte Jewel, which was made by miniaturist Nicholas Hilliard and is an example of English craftsmanship that combined skills in enamelling, goldsmithing, diamond cutting and jewel setting.
  6. This technique was often combined with enamelling, the application of ground glass with a colourant, to traditional and new vessel forms, and represents the height of Islamic glassmaking ( Carboni 2001, 323 325 ).
  7. One such ornate object was the " Coffret d'Oph�lie " ( Ophelia Box ), a box in the form of a champlev?enamelling, cloisonn? ivory, gold and other expensive materials and techniques.
  8. In the sides, cover and base are panels of the fragile and exquisite translucent enamel known as, a difficult enamelling technique which involves firing the glass into cells and removing the backing to create an effect like stained glass.
  9. Art Nouveau jewellery encompassed many distinct features including a focus on the female form and an emphasis on colour, most commonly rendered through the use of enamelling techniques including basse-taille, champleve, cloisonn? and plique-?jour.
  10. Many different techniques were used to create working surfaces and add decoration to those surfaces to produce the jewellery, including soldering, plating and gilding, repouss? chasing, inlay, enamelling, filigree and granulation, stamping, striking and casting.
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