eminences in a sentence

eminences meaning in Hindi


  1. He then deployed his artillery on an eminence near the intersection.
  2. The temple of honor ought to be seated on an eminence.
  3. San Sebastian claims an undisputed pre-eminence in golfing history.
  4. The hip joint capsule at the level of the iliopubic eminence.
  5. His Eminence has studied Patrology and Theology for over 14 years.
  6. The site is on an eminence overlooking the village of Trysull.
  7. Considers himself as the all-knowing eminence of his party.
  8. The ruins of a castle occupy much of the eastern eminence.
  9. He has been considered a backroom power broker or eminence grise.
  10. His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Hagopian, appointed Right Rev . Fr.
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