eagle eyed in a sentence

eagle eyed meaning in Hindi


  1. Jennifer and Jake, two teen-agers from the Eagle Eye detective agency, are spending the summer in London.
  2. He was nicknamed " eagle eye ".
  3. The Coast Guard was to purchase the Bell Eagle Eye Deepwater program, but this has been cancelled.
  4. Kicker Al Del Greco was as valuable for his eagle eye as his accurate foot last Sunday.
  5. For those with a steady hand and eagle eye, there's still plenty of fun to be had.
  6. The dancers call me eagle eyes,
  7. Why don't humans have eagle eyes?
  8. My guess is that the big institutional holders of GE will be watching the stock with eagle eyes.
  9. Not to mention his eagle eye.
  10. They're very small-you'll need eagle eyes.
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