dressing down in a sentence

dressing down meaning in Hindi


  1. But praise for both the teams and hopefully a dressing down for the bowlers.
  2. But Ireland, which got the dressing down, rejected the criticism.
  3. Pitico drove him to the courthouse, where the judge gave him a dressing down.
  4. But neither could they be accused of, well, dressing down.
  5. A REAL DRESSING DOWN : Britney Spears is definitely not a little girl anymore.
  6. Hitzfeld planned to call his players in for a little dressing down this week.
  7. They sat in conference rooms giving their government leaders a dressing down over broken promises.
  8. Baron calls this the wild card of dressing down.
  9. There's a visual aspect to this dressing down, too.
  10. Right now he's giving the dustpan a dressing down.
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