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  1. Port Manatee officials also said they are owed $ 300, 000 for dockage and other fees dating back to November.
  2. There's 234 feet of dockage _ with room to spare after he docks Daybreak, his 100-foot yacht.
  3. Impurities and damaged rice contains dockage, damaged kernels, chalkly grains, red rice, broken seed or kernels and odors.
  4. He however gave his assurance that the PPA does not intend to effect any increase in dockage and wharfage to import and export.
  5. It provided optional anchorage and / or dockage facilities for transiting US Navy, US Coast Guard and NATO vessels, depending on size.
  6. It also acquired pipeline access to Bakken and Canadian crude oil plus product terminals, storage tanks, rail facilities and Mississippi river dockage.
  7. J-Class Management's Web site said the charter rates do not include food, beverages, fuel, dockage and local taxes.
  8. While both marinas offer dockage, parking, boat launching, only Go Home Lake Marina has a general store with refueling facilities to cottagers.
  9. Everything needed to operate the boat _ a crew of two and back-up personnel, insurance, dockage fees and full maintenance _ is included.
  10. Chrestensen reissued a handbill which deleted the admission charge and had a protest on the back against the City Dock Department for refusing to grant him dockage.
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