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  1. The word derives from the Slavonic stem " p�lie ", to burn ( in a meaning to distil ).
  2. :( ec ) In addition to the tax issues, it can be dangerous to distil your own alcohol.
  3. He had managed to distil 1, 000 pages of the novels into six hours, using prose so sensitively.
  4. Firth and Distil are noted as performers on a studio-session report Guaraldi filed for the American Federation of Musicians.
  5. The biggest job was for me to distil all the information I was recieving so it could fit into one book.
  6. Her prose is plain but warm and she distils research well, with the use of anecdotes and literary examples ."
  7. As the lands around Acko are rich in fruits, " virtually every farmer is known to distil his own brand ".
  8. She has the ability to rapidly distil and process her observations, and then, in elegant style, to express them.
  9. He continuously analyses and distils his images, making many drawings, photocopies and watercolours before making the high-intensity oil paintings.
  10. Orujo has become an artisanal craft for some families who after making wine for themselves distil the pomace in a little pot still.
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