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  1. He knew how to distill a case to its essentials.
  2. 1300 : A French medical professor distills the first brandy.
  3. "That means you don't distill them with rationalization.
  4. Universal is a subsidiary of the Seagram company, which distills liquor.
  5. Another common variation was to distill in the presence of sulphuric acid.
  6. Take the time to distill your thoughts for better communication and rapport.
  7. Each photograph was digitally enhanced to distill its essence in pixilated form.
  8. I would distill it down to these two example questions:
  9. So it was left for Popovich to distill how good the Lakers are.
  10. Seabirds distill seawater using countercurrent exchange in a gland with a rete mirabile.
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