dispiriting in a sentence

dispiriting meaning in Hindi


  1. In 2001, for example, Volpentest went through a dispiriting divorce.
  2. These are dispiriting visits, no matter how much they steel themselves.
  3. That's the exhilarating and dispiriting thing about it.
  4. However, the lessons learned were considered anticlimactic and dispiriting.
  5. It protects us for the time being, but is a little dispiriting.
  6. Each was badly wounded and forced into dispiriting retirement.
  7. Matthiessen regards the lawsuit as more dispiriting than harrowing.
  8. On that measure, however, the Iowa vote was a tad dispiriting.
  9. After that, the Democrats faced a dispiriting drought.
  10. Suddenly, what had been a dispiriting day was a whole lot better.
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