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  1. The Madan have dispersed, and many are dispirited beyond hope.
  2. As caretaker coach, Roos immediately transformed the dispirited Swans players.
  3. Charlotte meets Camille again and finds him more dispirited than ever.
  4. I'm so sorry you were dispirited by the experience.
  5. Dispirited, Watson couldn't make anything else happen.
  6. Dispirited Cubans, especially youngsters, have been turning up in droves.
  7. Short ( a mere 29 minutes ! ), limp and dispirited.
  8. Only a handful of talented but dispirited holdovers from the Bugel era.
  9. While his words remain challenging, his delivery has sometimes been dispirited.
  10. It's a dispirited ride home from the theater.
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