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  1. "That may in fact dispirit Republican partisans a little bit, and depress their vote, " said a campaign consultant working for Republican candidates in both houses of the Legislature.
  2. "You can embolden an enemy by sending a mixed message, " Bush told reporters, without mentioning Kerry by name . " You can dispirit the Iraqi people by sending mixed messages.
  3. In 2010, the band announced that it had split in November 2009 . In the wake of the band's demise, John Gossard has formed a new funeral doom band, Dispirit.
  4. In an announcement that surprised semiconductor industry analysts and threatened to dispirit investors, the Intel Corp . said Thursday that it would not meet its expectations for sales or profit margins for its second quarter.
  5. "The showing of this film after our good game with Yugoslavia and the upcoming game against the United States, is nothing but an effort to dispirit our players, " said Farahani.
  6. Repeating those mistakes later this year will so dispirit the conservative pro-growth wing of the GOP that the party will risk losing everything in November of 2000 : the House, the Senate and the White House.
  7. Republican strategists said that Bush had set out to raise a lot of money quickly, both to take advantage of his current post-war popularity and to try to dispirit his potential Democratic rivals and, perhaps more importantly, their financial backers.
  8. Sen . Bill Bradley of New Jersey, who is leaving Washington in some dispirit, said recently that " the rising economic insecurity of people who work every day and worry about their future is the most pressing issue our country faces ."
  9. Supporters of the change believe that the current approach drives away new editors, because when they are allowed to create new articles without prior editing experience, the result is often for their articles to be deleted, which dispirits them and ends their involvement with Wikipedia.
  10. Democrats worry that President Clinton's comfortable lead in the polls will cause many would-be supporters to think he no longer needs their votes; Republicans fear that Bob Dole's troubled campaign will so dispirit many of the party faithful that they will simply stay home.
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