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  1. The key result is the Dirac equation, from which these predictions emerge automatically.
  2. :: The Dirac Equation expresses the wave function for a general relativistic particle.
  3. But this is not the case with the Dirac equation.
  4. However, in 1928, Paul Dirac published the Dirac equation, which described the relativistic electron.
  5. They introduced a symmetric Hamiltonian and solved the Dirac Equation for the Hydrogen atom.
  6. This renormalized equation of motion is called the Abraham Lorentz Dirac equation of motion.
  7. The result was used to define the Dirac equation and introduce the Dirac operator.
  8. The Dirac equation of relativistic quantum theory improves these solutions ( see below ).
  9. Note that it is only two thousandths larger than the value from Dirac equation.
  10. Dirac was originally considering an electron whose wave function is described by the Dirac equation.
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