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  1. One hypothesis is that a north trending dextral transform faults has displaced this section of the arc to the north.
  2. Many of these arboreal snails are dextral . ( See the section on chirality in the article gastropod shell .)
  3. This image " flipping " results in a normal dextral gastropod appearing to be a rare or abnormal sinistral one.
  4. It is bounded by dextral wrench faults ( possible transform faults ) and probably represents a pull-apart basin.
  5. This is supported by the operculum of " Maclurites ", which corresponds to that of dextral gastropods.
  6. The GLTZ was an active dextral strike-slip zone south of Marquette, passing under the large Marquette anticline.
  7. The spatial arrangement of the lodes and gashes hints at a transtensional, dextral shear zone oriented NW-SE.
  8. The main tectonic pressure was from the south or south-east, and there developed dextral strike-slip faulting.
  9. The shell is carried upside down with the aperture on the right, and this makes it appear to be dextral.
  10. This means that some specimens have sinistral ( left-coiled ), others dextral ( right-coiled ) shells.
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