dexterous in a sentence

dexterous meaning in Hindi


  1. It produces a powerful, eerie sound in dexterous hands.
  2. Fingers will be launched in 2003 and make the arm even more dexterous.
  3. Yeung's dexterous manipulation makes puppetry look easy.
  4. The most dexterous were able to do this standing on the horses back.
  5. Perhaps the most important finding is that successful managers are dexterous symbol manipulators.
  6. A dexterous character could traverse paths and enter rooms unavailable to the clumsy.
  7. Kitonaks are very dexterous, but also very patient.
  8. It was said that Cui spoke well and was dexterous in his reactions.
  9. Thomas was a fine and dexterous surgeon who was equally skilled at diagnosis.
  10. There are designs for the clumsy as well as the more dexterous among us.
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