dewy in a sentence

dewy meaning in Hindi


  1. But I'm still dewy, by golly!
  2. There's more dewy glamour than genuine urgency to this slender story.
  3. And each dewy note had a lilac on it.
  4. It was very dewy that night, or the fire might have spread.
  5. In the second, a dewy arcadian tranquillity prevails.
  6. What they mean : Not a dewy-eyed starlet in the bunch.
  7. How does today's aspiring actress keep the dewy glow of youth?
  8. I sat and drank the wine and smelled the dewy, earthy smell.
  9. Both dry dusty surfaces and dewy grass are known to exhibit these characteristics.
  10. It tends to proliferate when there is reduced rainfall and in dewy conditions.
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