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  1. The Government readily investigated and took proscriptive action against purveyors of radical Islam or " deviationist " Islamic groups.
  2. Deviationist doctrine, according to Unger, represents an attempt to bridge doctrine with empirical social theory and ideological conflict.
  3. The arrest came less than a month after the government banned Al Arqam as a " deviationist " cult.
  4. Last year, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad outlawed one group, Al Arqam, allegedly for spreading deviationist teachings of Islam.
  5. Lest the guardians of cultural freedom denounce you as a Eurocentric deviationist in thrall to the subliterature of the old colonial oppressor?
  6. With the defeat of " national deviationists ", the Bolsheviks became more assertive, and suppressed all kinds of opposition.
  7. No . 4 was Ashaari Muhammad, a Malaysian Islamic leader who was arrested and whose group was disbanded for allegedly preaching deviationist teachings.
  8. He became an inspector on the Communist Party's Party line, meaning Trotskyists, Zinovievists, and other left-wing deviationists.
  9. He was branded a deviationist by the party leadership members, probably because he had unwittingly exposed their secondary roles in early communist history.
  10. Last year, it disbanded the Al Arqam Islamic group for spreading deviationist teachings and briefly detained its top leaders under the Internal Security Act.
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