demurest in a sentence

demurest meaning in Hindi


  1. "Emily Dickinson " is demure and fragrant.
  2. Yet she demures in the in the face of all the attention.
  3. Demure women wear pristine bonnets and well-cut petticoats.
  4. Not that Stone is happily hurling herself toward demure domesticity.
  5. But there were no predictions from the unusually demure Hingis.
  6. I keep mine trimmed to a more demure 4 feet.
  7. Nakaguchi is a diminutive, demure young woman from Shizuoka, Japan.
  8. A risque conversationalist, as a fashion plate Epperson is surprisingly demure.
  9. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie hasn't gone demure.
  10. But Marcia makes the posture seem somehow at once sexy and demure.
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