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  1. In fact, he is more than capable of defeating Joseph and Malik without even assuming his Demoniac form.
  2. He was part of the blackened power metal band Demoniac, which also featured his future DragonForce bandmate Herman Li.
  3. During July 1998 Hong Kong-born guitarist Herman Li joined Demoniac and in October drummer Matej Setinc was recruited.
  4. While well versed as a sniper, Al is far more precise and deadly as a sharp-shooting Demoniac.
  5. Gerasene demon ( above ), the demoniac had the physical power to break chains as a result of possession.
  6. His body seemed to grow; there was something ghostlike in his movements and there would be something demoniac in his manner.
  7. The visible parts show Indra on his mount, the elephant Airavata, and the assault of the demoniac army of Mara.
  8. Oistrakh characterised the first movement Nocturne as " a suppression of feelings ", and the second movement Scherzo as " demoniac ".
  9. In America, the album reached number 1 on the " Lindsay Dawson of Demoniac and are performed live by Fr�d�ric Leclercq.
  10. In his Demoniac form, Malik has odd-shaped yellow armour with satyr-like feet and curved horns on his helmet.
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