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  1. Samiel conjures up the shape of Agathe, representing her as drowning herself in despair at Max's ill success, whereupon he plunges into the glen and with demoniacal noise the casting of the bullets is begun.
  2. There Ritter praised More for his understanding of " the demoniacal forces of power " against which More had appealed to the strength of Christian morality; hence, More rightly did not reduce all politics to a " friend-foe " mentality.
  3. It is also notable for describing " bondage " as doing sacrifice rituals and selfishness of any form, and for defining " demoniacal " as the life of performing fasts or muttering prayers while harboring " cruel desire, hatred and hypocrisy ".
  4. Every line of it glows with a demoniacal humor, sordid, insolent, and mischievous to the point of down right perversity, in which one instantly recognizes the heroic comic spirit of its authors . . . Both Hecht and MacArthur owe their literary origins to the newspapers of Chicago.
  5. A facsimile of the " Troph�um Mariano-Cellense ", along with an English translation, colour illustrations and critique of Freud, was published in 1956 by Ida Macalpine and Richard A . Hunter : " Schizophrenia, 1677 : A Psychiatric Study of an Illustrated Autobiographical Record of Demoniacal Possession ".
  6. Chopin scholar Robert Collet believes that the study " has more than a hint of something elemental, demoniacal and even sinister . " Italian composer and editor Alfredo Casella ( 1883 1947 ) states : " The piece should be finished with extreme impetuosity and without any relaxing, almost like a body hurled with great velocity [ suddenly dashing ] against an unexpected obstacle ."
  7. Numbed and helpless bystanders as Adolf Hitler waged his demoniacal war against the Jewish people, embittered by our failure to rouse the democracies to deter Hitler, to rescue and open doors to those who might be saved, American Jews assumed their responsibility during World War II . Despite the opposition of the Department of State, they made a commitment to establish an independent Jewish state where Jews could live in freedom and security ."
  8. What's artful about these drawings _ mostly in black and white, with gray ink wash _ is their evocation of New York's demoniacal energy, the look of its down-at-the-heels neighborhoods and storefront facades, and the ethnic faces that Katchor has evolved from perusal of books like " Lexicon of the Jewish Theater, " published in 1931, with its illustrated biographies of actors and actresses.
  9. In 1792 he published his " Einleitung ins Alte Testament " ( 2 vols . ), which soon brought him into trouble; the cardinal-archbishop of Vienna laid a complaint against him for having departed from the traditional teaching of the Church, e . g . by asserting Job, Jonah, Tobit and Judith to be didactic poems, and the cases of demoniacal possession in the New Testament to be cases of dangerous disease.
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