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  1. Particularly, he made the distinction between dementia praecox ( now called schizophrenia ), DSM ) maintain this categorical view.
  2. The diagnosis of dementia praecox, on which this measure was based, was at the time considered a fatal illness.
  3. While there, he was examined by the prominent German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin and diagnosed with the catatonic form of dementia praecox.
  4. Prior to Bleuler's interventions schizophrenia was referred to as dementia praecox ( early insanity ) and perceived as a single disorder.
  5. He was examined by psychiatrists eleven days after his arrest and was diagnosed with " dementia praecox with homicidal tendencies ".
  6. Referencing her death certificate, the principal cause of death was pulmonary tuberculosis, with a contributing cause given as dementia praecox psychosis.
  7. Kraepelin devoted very few pages to his speculations about the etiology of his two major insanities, dementia praecox and manic-depressive insanity.
  8. The official diagnosis is dementia praecox, a phrase, for the record, with which doctors had recently described the condition of Williams'sister.
  9. Dementia praecox disappeared from official psychiatry with the publication of DSM-I, replaced by the Bleuler / Meyer hybridization, " schizophrenic reaction ".
  10. Kraepelin reduced the complex psychiatric taxonomies of the nineteenth century by dividing them into two classes : manic-depressive psychosis and dementia praecox.
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