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  1. The delivery area was then transferred to station.
  2. The final two digits, which pinpoint smaller delivery areas, were the work of others, the Postal Service says.
  3. If more customers are located within their service delivery area, the cost of delivering their services is decreased.
  4. The table has no non-key attributes because its only key is { Restaurant, Pizza Variety, Delivery Area }.
  5. In 1917, H . Shear Trucking purchased its first gas-powered truck allowing the company to expand its delivery area.
  6. Call them and see if you're in their delivery area, and if not, ask them who they recommend who is.
  7. Goforth said the Columbia Metropolitan Airport isn't as convenient as the Greensboro airport to the delivery area targeted by FedEx.
  8. Even outside of its four-county delivery area, the paper is available in many convenience stores and supermarkets from the Watertown areas.
  9. In 1927, an eight-story annex was added to the store that containing new departments that also added a shipping and delivery area.
  10. He reveals himself to be a paper-boy for the South of Broad delivery area, thus introducing the reader to the Charleston neighborhood.
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