deliver the goods in a sentence

deliver the goods meaning in Hindi


  1. Now, investors want to see whether Space Jam can deliver the goods.
  2. The question is : How quickly can we deliver the goods?
  3. The Soviet System imploded because it did not deliver the goods.
  4. Kuwaiti air force planes will deliver the goods, the paper said.
  5. Like Courtney Love and Ice Cube, he has managed to deliver the goods.
  6. Money is a demonstrable belief : Money never fails to deliver the goods.
  7. But this year, Web merchants are vowing to deliver the goods.
  8. Big deal . . . But can he deliver the goods?
  9. It intensifies the pressure on Dole to deliver the goods in the Senate.
  10. But whether India can deliver the goods depends a great deal on it.
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