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  1. Overall the College delivers over 300 different course types, from short equipment-specific courses to Army.
  2. One of the station's hallmarks is that it delivers over 40 hours of live programming a week.
  3. Under normal conditions, the plant was able to deliver over of ore per hour to a waiting ship.
  4. It delivers over 5 million litres of diesel and aviation fuels to a wide range of operational locations each month.
  5. He has been invited to deliver over 200 guest lectures across the United States and in over 25 different countries.
  6. The company delivers over 7.4 million meals a month to over 800, 000 regular subscribers across the world.
  7. Baker said the success of AOL TV would depend on what type of content the company planned to deliver over television sets.
  8. He delivers over His Flesh, and pours out His Blood; and nothing is lacking for the growth of His children.
  9. When fired in unison, these batteries would deliver over 7, 000 pounds of ordnance onto the enemy positions with each volley.
  10. The USDA has more than 100, 000 employees and delivers over $ 96.5 billion in public services to programs worldwide.
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